Bolahun World Wide (BWW) is a nonprofit organization (501c3) which provides educational assistance and support for children in Bolahun, Lofa County.  Liberia suffered through an intense 15-year civil war that left many children without a viable education.  BWW works with Bolahun Alumni Family Friends Association (BAFFA) in the restructuring and rebuilding efforts of the former Holy Cross Mission Schools in Bolahun, Liberia.  BWW is committed to maintaining this collaboration with BAFFA; helping children get access to educational institutions.      

Why and How We Started:

In 2006, at an informal gathering, several former students and other friends of Bolahun began discussing the post-war challenges Liberia faced in rebuilding the country.  Living conditions were deplorable and children seemed to be suffering the most.  Children without the necessary knowledge and skills often get trapped in poverty, creating devastating impacts that can last for generations.  After several group discussions and teleconferences, it was decided that BWW be created to assist children’s education in Bolahun.  BWW began by partnering with BAFFA, providing resources to children in Bolahun and the surrounding towns and villages.    


BWW’s headquarters is located in Maryland, United States of America. BWW has two local operating chapters: The District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia Chapter (DMV) and the Delaware and Philadelphia Chapter (DE/PA).  BWW is currently building a third chapter in Minnesota for the Midwest region.     


President, Vice President, Secretary General, Assistant Secretary General, Financial Secretary, Treasurer and Chaplain    


We accept donations in cash, educational materials and offering of Human services to Bolahun (School, health and agriculture). All donations are tax deductible. Please join us in the rebuilding of Bolahun Mission.

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